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Nag Horse Ranch


Eye Protection Cup System Halter free nose shade Full face shade with sheepskin

             Eye Protection Cup System                                      Full face shade                               Halter free nose shade             


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We only use 90% UV proof high quality materials.

We have three styles of nose shades, four styles of full face shades, multiple styles of eye protection shades from the common fly mask type to riding shades.

We have options for sheepskin lining and/or ears.

There is a  size chart on our frequently asked question page!

It can sometimes be hard to determine the size, we do custom sizing and keep the information on file for future fitting.

You can always call us at 770-990-8487


Basically sizes should go along with your halter or bridle size.


REGULAR HORSE  14.3 to 15.3  HANDS - ARABIAN- SMALL HORSE 13.1 to 14.2

PONY  11 to 13 HANDS  - MINI B 35" to 44" -  MINI A 28" to 34"



Note Sky Blue and light green material is being discontinued by the manufacture we have shades in stock but will have to substitute with beige if we are out of the size you order unless you specify in comments a second color choice. 

 Our screen mesh is expensive but it is tear, puncture and fray resistant, extremely durable and last a very long time!  GREAT STUFF!         

Our "sheepskin" is a synthetic Sherpa material. 

We ship Internationally!


For US orders            

Shipping is $8.95  up to five shades, six or more shades shipping is $19.95                                  _______________________________________________________________________                

For International orders:

Shipping one to three shades is $21.95 USD,   larger orders please contact us.

Shipping to Canada is $11.95, up to three shades, for more than three items $25.95.

Please click link below to go to shopping cart for your order!

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For Georgia residents sales taxes will be added at check out. 

When viewing shopping cart please continue to next page for more styles of shades.

We welcome personal Checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover or

Pay pal.

Phone orders are accepted 770-990-8487  or

e-mail us at to order.

We offer fast shipping and pride ourselves with excellent customer service.

We will gladly exchange your shade for a different size or style if need be within 7 days of receiving your order.  Please contact us through e-mail or phone so we can get the correct shade out to you quickly.  Or we will refund your purchase price if you are not satisfied, simply send the un-used shade back for a full refund, within 7 days of your order.  We will credit your original method of payment. 

We welcome comments or concerns and strive hard to be sure our customers have the shade they need and it works for their horse. 

Order your horse sun protection today!  All of your information is secure with and Nag Horse Ranch will not share any of your information.

Thank you!



      Eye Protection shade with sherpa                               Full face shade with ears             High Brow Full Face with Sheepskin


Eye protection shade with sheepskin Full face shade with ears High Brow Full Face shade with sheepskin

Attach to bridle eye protection shade Attach to browband Sun Visor

Attach to bridle eye shade easy to take along on trails                                                                Attach to browband visor