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Used your eye mask for the first time today and all I can say is WOW!  The thought put in to the design is wonderful.  It fits the horse so well and makes our job easier.  The padding is in all the right places and the holder at the top for the lavage tube is great!

Erica Lacher DVM

equine eye saver


The nag nose shades are a real find for me! Not only do they withstand the roughest treatment (see attached pictures),they also don't seem to irritate him AT ALL. Because the flap is shaped OFF the nose he has no problems eating and drinking and he no longer feels the need to constantly blow his nose in it! As the fabric goes right around the muzzle there is no chance of sunburn (even for the pink areas around his bottom lip!).
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"Suzanne where did you get the nose cover from?"
Suzanne Cherry From Sue Gray Nag horse Ranch in the U.S. She is on FB as a friend :) ABSOLUTELY the best ever design. Lambswool padded and allows them freedom to eat and drink. I also have full face ones for when it gets really hot and flies start. NAG HORSE RANCH CHECK THEM OUT ! BETTER THAN ANYTHING ON THE OZ MARKET.
Suzanne Cherry Australia

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Nag Horse Ranch


Founded July 2010.   

After purchasing a horse with a wide blaze and white muzzle, we realized how easily and severely those white noses burn.  When sunscreens proved to be ineffective nor practical, we went on a mission to solve the problem and solve it we did!                   

                                                                                   NAG™"  Horse Ranch

proudly presents  our  "Sun protection line"!

It began with a nose shade and quickly grew to include full face shades, eye shades which double as fly mask and trail riding shades in lots of styles, sizes and colors!

All of our shades are made with 90% UV proof extremely durable materials that are effective!  They are designed not to rest on the horses face for comfort and allows horses to graze and drink with ease.   

We are excited about our shades being highly recommended by Veterinarians, and loved by equines that dislike having sunscreens applied!

Helping horse owners with this serious and real problem has been a rewarding endeavor and the feedback from customers has been phenomenal!

My mission is to get these horse products known so they can be protecting the equine world.  Sunscreens are messy, they get into the water leaving a residue.  Sunscreen does not stay on, therefore needing several applications per day.  Also, sunscreen attracts dirt which further irritates the horse. 

Exposure to the sun can cause these fair skinned horses more serious medical problems such as Uveitis and Cancer.

Please browse our web-site and feel free to contact us with any questions.

(770) 990-8487

Made in USA


horse shade

Nose shade